January 2015

One of my first jobs at the start of a new year is contact all my brides and grooms who have opted for an engagement shoot and get it firmly diarised…I’ve almost finished doing this for 2015 brides and grooms and it made me think it might be useful to write a quick post on what to expect.
For a lot of people the engagement shoot is their first time in front of a professional photographer’s lens and can be quite daunting, so here are a few of my thoughts about engagement shoots;

Be prepared to look the part.
People often ask me what to wear and I encourage my couples to make the effort to dress up, be comfortable but you’ll want to feel like the best version of yourself on this day! So go get a blow dry or get your hair and make up artist to do your trial before your engagement shoot it gives you a really idea of how your hair and make up with photograph. It’s not everyday you have your portrait taken and I’m a big believer in celebrating anything special. These aren’t just a ‘few snaps’ these are thoughtful and beautifully curated film photos of your love in the run up to your wedding.

Be prepared to trust your photographer.
Although I’m sure no photographer wants you to feel uncomfortable, the whole concept of an engagement shoot is not a particularly natural one so be prepared put yourself in the capable hands of your photographer to create something which although might not feel 100% natural at the time will look wonderful in the photos.

Be prepared to enjoy yourself
My favourite shots are when I capture a couple laughing spontaneously, this will occur either because I tell a dumb joke or I place you in a situation which you can’t help but giggle at. Whatever it is making you laugh is perfectly fine and I will often direct my couples in a way which is meant to make them laugh…

Be prepared to get affectionate.
If you are totally against kissing shots I would tell your photographer straight off the bat because I will often ask my couples to give each other a kiss, sometimes I’m looking to shoot the actual kiss, other times I’m looking for that little glance up or down at your partner, the one that shows a beautiful vulnerable intimacy.

Be prepared to enjoy the experience!
If you’re getting married you’ve probably know each other for long enough to have done a lot of romantic things together but probably never this! An engagement shoot is a celebration of you two as a couple, so ignore everyone else, switch off to the world and just be alone together…your photographer will hopefully be subtle and respectful of these moments together and capture something very special.

Julie Michaelsen is a creative fine art Destination wedding photographer shooting film and based in Kensington London (although she travels extensively), she believes in love and authenticity and likes to create beautiful imagery for kind hearted and exceptional brides and grooms. She mixes documentary style photography with editorial and fine art wedding photography ensuring that her clients have a set of images which accurately tells the story of their wedding day, highlighting all that makes them individual. Julie shoots weddings, engagement and family photoshoots in London and throughout the world. If you would like to book me please do contact me HERE and tell me about your big day!

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