Florence Tuscany Fine Art Engagement Julie&Ross-74

I create timeless, heartfelt and elegant imagery of some of the most important and life defining hours in your lifetime.

As a wedding photographer in London, I shoot with both film and digital mediums, I bring a fine art style to your wedding photos, filling them with light, softness and a timeless quality that will last for generations.

For me it’s not just about chronicling life’s big chapters and milestones. It’s also about capturing the subtle moments that tell a story...the meeting of eyes, a look of anticipation, delirious laughter catching like wildfire... these are the moments you won't want to forget.  

I love being there for these moments because family and relationships are so very important to me. It’s part of the Danish and German culture I was born into and affects my approach to most things in life. I love the connections between people, the conversations shared over coffee, that cosy feeling you get in good company and good food- the true spirit of 'hygge'.

It’s perhaps not surprising that I left behind a high-flying corporate career in finance to nurture my love of wedding photography. Now, I create visual heirlooms that will be cherished by your family long after I’m gone. And that’s incredibly rewarding.

I also get to work with people like you who share my vision. Because you value the pricelessness of beautiful imagery that speaks to you; the luxury of an artist who takes the time to capture more than just a moment, but a feeling within it. And you’re a lot like me:

-You joyfully explore the finer things in life and revel in simple pleasures: the artisan that masters his craft, the simple appreciation of local produce, lighting scented candles in the daytime, taking time out to read every day.

- You work hard, because you believe that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. 

-You believe in kindness, generosity, politeness and caring for your fellow man

-Your idea of a perfect night in is cooking together and watching Netflix (I’m a sucker for a gripping crime series) …

And most importantly...you’re totally in love. You want a record of that love. You want to rejoice in the beauty of every heartfelt moment, sharing a legacy of your younger selves with future generations.