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A Fine Art Destination Beach Engagement Shoot in Marbella

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You’re likely to hear about this super cool power couple in the near future if you haven't already; Kim started her awesome jewellery business a couple of years ago and is getting national recognition and already has a slew of celebrity wearers. After growing up in his family’s chocolatier business, Oli set up his own business which continues to go from strength to strength, charming young and old alike with his chocolate parties and winning smile :)
Kim and Oli got married this Summer and I caught up with them in Marbella where we both happened to be for a couple of days of sun and relaxation.

Photographers often talk about the ‘magic hour’ light which is the hour before the sun sets which is the most beautiful time of the day to take photos. The light is hazy, soft and incredibly romantic not to mention flattering. So we agreed to go experiment on the beach as well as do a mini-product shoot of Kim’s new necklaces.

This is what happened…

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