3 Reasons You’re Not Making Any Money

January 9, 2020
Business mentor for wedding photographers

As a wedding business mentor for photographers I hear it time and time and again.

‘I’m not making any money.’

Here’s why…
1. You’re not Charging Enough.

Undercharging is like death by a thousand paper cuts. Not only are you translating you lack of confidence into your work. You’re communicating that you are inexperienced and unprofessional. None of which are good. You need to sit down and look at your numbers. Its the foundations of everything and if you dont take it seriously you cant expect clients to take you seriously.

2. You’re spending more than your making.

Buying every piece of kit, splurging on every course or workshop that comes out if a sure fire way to not make profit. You can dress it up all you like; ‘Oh im investing in myself’ – one of the best pieces of advice I got came from Greg Finck ‘ Stop Spending Money’. Haha easier said that done right? But this doesnt mean spend no money at all it just means spend it wisely and have a plan and a budget. 

3. No one knows you exist. 

Visibility or lack there of is one of the best ways to not make money. The fact of the matter is that people buy from people they like, they do business with people they like and if they dont know and trust you, they are unlikely to buy from you. Soical media offers a plethora of ways to be visible in your business TAKE ADVANTAGE! You must push aside those feels of shyness or reticence, this bigger than your fear of people seeing your face this is about your livelihood. This is about your pride, your survival. Everyone else is using these tools to show up online and if you aren’t you’re making it harder for yourself.

If you need help getting on top of your numbers, making a plan and sticking to it, make sure you get some help in the form of a coach or business mentor because unless you’re super dedicated and strict with yourself, it’s easy to stray and end up in the same mess you found yourself last year!

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