3 Changes Which Truly Transformed My Business For The Better…

November 8, 2019
Julie Michaelsen Wedding Business Coach

  1. Stop asking for permission – stop thinking you have to ask permission before you can really go for things, dont be scared of rejection, I wrote a post yesterday about separating yourself from he outcome of things. Sometimes you win other times you dont and thats just the way of the world you know? I’m not saying dont try hard, do try hard, and be prepared and do your best but then let it go, release it into the universe in a buddhist type way and just see what comes back. 
  2. Confidence and mindset – Having a positive mindset, reaching out to people, collaborating, creating value for others is the best way to take your business to the next level. It may sound bit airy fairy but I challenge you to do it. Im sure everyone has read the quote about how negativity takes the same if not more energy than positivity so you might as well be positive. 
  3. Wedding Business coach / mentoring – the moral support, the sounding board, the accountability is something which changed my business hugely. Sometimes when you run your own business you cant see the wood for the trees, you’re so entrenched in your own world that you cant see the outside view. Having a mentor who has done and is doing what you’re doing is so important because they have the subjectivity. Because of the support of a business coach that I launched the Nordic Way Workshop which turned out to be a massive success, because I did the preparation and I did the work and poured my heart and soul into it. I used to think having a coach was admitting failure but that couldn’t further from the truth. If you invest in working with a coach you are investing in yourself and your business and hopefully if you find the right coach you will achieve things you didnt think possible.  I’ve since launched a new business as a Wedding Business Coach & I’m excited to have just ONE slot opening up in January so get in touch ASAP if you’re interested in hearing more! If you’d like some more FREE tips and COMMUNITY make sure you join my FREE Facebook group for Fine Art Wedding Photographers: That Fine Art Life I’ve written some thoughts on Impostor Syndrome & Comparisonistis which you might find useful!

Photo credit Darcy Benincosa .