5 Things This Fine Art Wedding Photographer Learnt in 2018

December 31, 2018

As a fine art wedding photographer and a business owner, it’s so important to step back and establish what went right and wrong with the year. This is an exercise I’m currently doing and as a result there are a few things I have learnt…here are some of them:

  1. My resilience is stronger than I thought… In 2018 I managed to shoot two weddings at 33 weeks pregnant in the space of one weekend, one was at the glorious Hedsor House and the other at the majestic Blenheim Palace!
  2. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone always yields positive results...taking our newborn to France before she was 3 months old to shoot a luxury wedding was exhausting & wonderful! We were lucky enough to have it featured on my the most amazing wedding blog Style Me Pretty! You can read more about it HERE   I also spoke at the Planning Redefined Workshop this year which was a great honour. Although I wouldn’t say I was terrified of public speaking, its definitely not my natural habitat & being asked and delivering was a great high to my 2018 – thank you to Kat & Louise for asking me!
  3. I don’t need  wait for permission or approval…I just announced the second of my Nordic Way Workshops which will take place in March 2019. THREE seats have already gone and I am so excited to meet and support new fine art wedding photographers on their journey!
  4. I & you CAN have it all…I can be a great mum, I can be an inspiring entrepreneur, a good wife, a good friend / daughter / sister but not all at the same time, this one I learnt pretty quickly after our daughter arrived. The art of balancing and juggling takes a little longer to master but I believe it is possible and that the answer lies in PRESENCE. Being 100% present with whatever you are focusing on, be that parenting, working, listening to a friend. Distraction is the beginning of the end!
  5. We cannot do it alone…asking for help & support from those closest to you, in my case my husband and my family is the only way to get everything done with your sanity in tack! Admitting that you need help is hard especially for people like me but honestly really is essential! One small way my husband and I have sought help this year is in the form of meal boxes. You probably weren’t expecting that one! We found ourselves making the same dinners every week and really lacking inspiration so we signed up to Hello fresh & Gousto – to try them out and they have been a game changer! Such quick, delicious and easy to follow dishes – I highly recommend – it will save you time, money & arguments on who is cooking!

Photos by Maxeen Kim Photography

Julie Michaelsen – Fine Art Wedding Photographer
Julie Michaelsen Photographer
Julie Michaelsen – Fine Art Wedding Photographer

All photos by Maxeen Kim Photography