9 Things Your Fine Art Wedding Photographer Wants To Tell You…

March 6, 2019
London Elopement photography

Your fine art wedding photographer wants to make sure you and her / he are on the same page and I want to let you in on what is going through her mind!

  1. Please don’t give me an extensive shot list. – I absolutely want to capture all the special people in your life so please do send me a list of the formal group photos you’d like (with the people & their relationship to you!) but I will already be photographing the bouquet, the invite suite, the dress, etc etc. Details are kinda my jam and if you like my work you’ll know that and know that I’ve got it all covered!
  2. Please don’t ask me to photoshop your face to make you look like some weird ‘face-tune’ caricature version of yourself – I really don’t use photoshop & you are beautiful as you are!
  3. Please give me enough TIME – to create the kind of images you fell in love with on my website. The only thing I need from you is your time & cooperation so that I can create the type of timeless imagery you found on my website. I ask for between 30min- 1hour of couple photos, and another 10mins at magic hour (the hour before the sun sets which is the most beautiful and flattering light to shoot in!)
  4. Please don’t be super nervous in front of my camera. – I have lots of little tricks to ensure you relax and feel comfortable infront of the camera but know that it is my responsibility to make you look and feel good, all you have to do is relax!
  5. Please share my work if you love it and tell others that I created it. I’m a small business and every time I get recommended to a new couple, my heart does a happy dance and it really does mean the world to me!
  6. Please ask me for your supplier recommendations. I have worked in this industry for long enough to have met & worked with the good, the bad and the ugly so use me and my experience so that you have a wonderful experience throughout your planning process!
  7. Please read the contract – so that there are no miscommunications later on, I am always open and transparent & I have found this to be the best way to be to avoid issues!
  8. Please know how vital it is for me (a small business) to be able to share my work online and in publications. I go above and beyond for my clients and to create work which Im proud of and which I can share, in general I don’t take on commission where I can’t share my work.
  9. Please know how much of my heart & soul I pour into this work. This work is not work I do to become rich. If that was my motivation I would have stayed working in finance. This is work that I do because I love creating it & I think it is important and valuable.

To see more of my work please visit my portfolio page HERE



Dress by Inbal Dror from Morgan Davies Bridal

Make up by award wining TWIA winner Birute Thomas

Florals by Bluesky Flowers