Fine art wedding photographer and film shooter Julie Michaelsen

As a Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in London, I create timeless, heartfelt and elegant imagery of some of the most important and life defining hours in your lifetime.

Although based in London I capture weddings all over the world. I shoot with both film and digital mediums, in a fine art style, creating imagery with light, softness and a timeless quality that will last for generations.

For me it’s not just about chronicling life’s big chapters and milestones. It’s also about capturing the subtle moments that tell a story...the meeting of eyes, a look of anticipation, delirious laughter catching like wildfire...the moments you won't want to forget.  

These family moments are so very important to me. It’s part of the Danish and German culture I was born into and affects my approach to most things in life. I love the connections between people, the conversations shared over coffee, that cosy feeling you get in good company and good food- the true spirit of 'hygge'.

I left behind a high-flying corporate career in finance to pursue my love of wedding photography. Now, I create visual heirlooms that will be cherished by your family long after I’m gone. And that’s incredibly rewarding.

I am lucky enough to get to work with clients who value the pricelessness of beautiful imagery; the luxury of an artist who takes the time to capture more than just a moment, but a feeling within it.

My style is a mixture of Fine Art Wedding Photography and Reportage; subtle, unobtrusive and journalistic whilst still being intimate and emotive. I like to help my couples by directing them into looking their absolute best whilst looking natural and most importantly feeling like themselves.

My background in finance has led me to appreciate the act of under-promising and over-delivering, in excellent, timely and respectful customer service but also above all else; kindess and gratitude for my brides and groom who entrust me with their future and precious memories.

I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in london because I know that what I do is a worthwhile use of my time & ultimately my life. I sleep soundly at night knowing that what I create lives on through generations…becomes precious family heirlooms…they may not remember my name but something I created will be cherished long after I’m gone…and that, for me is enough.

Recently I was named one of the Top 100 UK Wedding Photographers as well as winning the Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019 at the London Wedding Awards.

If you'd like to see more of my work please head to my portfolio HERE 

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