Intro To Film Photography Workshop For Wedding Photographers

January 23, 2020
Introduction to film photography for wedding photographers - Online Workshop

Film Photography Workshop

Today I did a scary thing.

I listened to what the people in my Facebook group That Fine Art Life said they wanted & I gave it to them.

I launched a Film Photography Workshop!

As a film wedding photographer I have a niche, a specialisation, I offer something different and its something I get asked about a lot.

I don’t know if you know this but…

The amazing Jose Villa loaded my very first roll of film. ⁣⠀

YES – The Godfather of film photography. 

I’m not sure how many wedding photographers can say that.

He loaded my first roll of film for me. 

I shot it on one of HIS contax 645s. ⁣⠀

Imagine my fear of dropping / breaking it! ⁣

That’s a bit like borrowing Kate Moss’ YSL shoes…intimidating much??

It was 2015 and I was attending his workshop in Mexico. ⁣⠀

He was warm & encouraging and when he thrust his camera at me and told me to load a roll of film, he noticed my blank response and loaded the first roll…⁣⠀

He probably didn’t realise at the time but that day he initiated my own love story with film photography. ⁣⠀

Since then I have been shooting film, honing my ability & falling deeper in love with a medium which creates the most stunning results & reconnect me to why I started this journey in the first place.⁣⠀

SO here I am for the very first time announcing:

*Introduction to Film Wedding Photography Online Course.*

 4 x Approx 1 hour LIVE zoom session once a week over the course of a month (on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the day TBD)

– Your own private Facebook group where these videos will be stored so you can refer back or if you miss a session. The fb group will also be the place to post your questions so I can cover them in the Q&A at the end of the sessions!

– Topics covered: different film stocks, the main film camera options, loading film, metering, your film lab, pushing, pulling film, using film in your business.

– At the end of the 4 weeks we all will meet up in person, have a coffee, I will bring my film cameras for you to have a look, you can each shoot a roll on one of them (you’re going to want to try the contax!) I’ll have something pretty for you to shoot!

= EARLY BIRD PRICE £350 before the end of January!

Price will go up in FEBRUARY!

The Film Photography Workshop course itself will take place in March!

Get in touch if you want to join us!

J x