Film Wedding Photography: Rainy Day Wedding & Indoor Film Photography or When There is no ‘Light & Airy’

February 4, 2019
Film Wedding Photography

Film Wedding Photography

I was recently asked how my film wedding photography would fair if the weather on the wedding day didnt play ball. I.e. if it was grey & overcast or if it rained. Being based in the UK, rain is something we have to accept and just deal with. I’ve had more than more fair share of rainy weddings! 

Grey & overcast is not a problem for film wedding photography, if anything it makes it easier to shoot film because the light is uniform AND film in this kind of situation really makes the images more interesting in my opinion than digital coverage. 

Rain is of course not ideal but its rare when it rains heavily non-stop all day long so usually we are able to duck out at some point, and position the bride and groom somewhere covered and/or get a willing usher or bridesmaid to help hold umbrellas. 

Rain, Grey & Overcast Weather Examples:

Although this styled shoot editorial day started off sunny & beautiful it quickly took a turn for the more miserable, it was grey, overcast & rained on and off.

I love the result, I think its atmospheric & romantic even though there is no dreamy light and airy aesthetic.

This real wedding in Oxford was decidedly grey all day and rather inconveniently rained on and off during the couple shoot (what you don’t see is the dedicated bridesmaid who accompanied us with a huge golf umbrella for the couple, she held the bouquet and the veil when we didn’t need it or when the bride walked.) 

What you do see is a couple who braved the weather and didn’t mind getting a bit wet. If you do have rain on your wedding day, remember its supposed to be good luck for the marriage & it will require you to work with your photographer to get those shots. I guarantee you wont remember getting a bit wet… 

TOP TIP; if rain does threaten your wedding day, ask your hair and make up artist to stick around until after the couple shoot so that they can touch up your hair and make up before you re-join your guests. It will cost more but it will be worth it to feel  your best after you’ve gotten your couple photos down. 

Most of this day was grey, overcast and with some rain too…luckily towards the end of the day we were rewarded with a spot of sunshine…

Film Photography Indoors

It’s generally agreed that its easier and more idyllic to shoot film outdoors but a good film photographer is more than capable of shooting film indoors too.

It requires you use a different film stock ( Portra 800 or Ilford 3200 depending on the effect and available light.) 

Below if an example of shooting film indoors. I used Kodak portra 800 and pushed it 2 stops. I also used a tripod for some shots, always moved my subjects closer to the window (and metered for the shadows) and in certain shots used a panel light to give that extra bit of light. 

But to be honest with you, if this was a real wedding I might just add a bit of digital coverage as well to make sure I got certain shots nailed, for example any group shots. 

The images in the below shoot were on a day where it rained heavily & we shot indoors too:

More indoor film photography here:

If you have any questions about film photography in rainy / grey day situations or about film photography indoors do let me know! Head on over HERE to get in touch or HERE to read more about why I shoot film