The 4 Steps To Deal With Rejection As A Wedding Photographer

March 13, 2019
Advice for Fine Art Wedding Photographers

All wedding photographers will deal with rejection, but how you react to it will define your sense of wellbeing & the prosperity of your business. If you are a wedding photographer, the chances are you are a creative, you are highly passionate about your craft & you care deeply about creating memories for your clients.

So when you present your carefully crafted services to a prospective client & they unceremoniously says NO.

It can hurt.

It can seep down into that tiny part of your soul which likes to scream ‘I TOLD YOU SO, YOU”RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, YOUR PARENTS/ FRIENDS WERE RIGHT – YOU CANT DO THIS. YOU SHOULD GIVE UP & GO BACK TO YOUR DESK JOB.’

how to deal with rejection as a wedding photographer
how to deal with rejection as a wedding photographer

We’ve all felt it, we go through all the hard work of building a website, a brand, a following, a style and then you hook a prospective client, and you’re on top of the world! You feel you get on well with them & you’re really hopeful but then they say no. And you spiral.

Well friend, I’ve been there, in fact I go there regularly! And it’s because of this that I wanted to share with with you the 4 steps I go through whenever this happens to me.

  1. Ask for Feedback – It is SO hard, in the midst of your negative spiral to go back to the source of your anguish and ask them to tell you why. In fact it feels positively masochistic! But you MUST. Feedback is gold dust. It may be hard to hear but hear it you must. Because it may just contain the answer to not finding yourself in this exact position again.
  2. Listen Hard – Really listen to the feedback, punch your ego in the face and tell him to pipe down, he is not useful in this situation. Dip deep and be as humble as you know how to be. If you don’t you might miss out on some crucial piece of information which will help your business.
  3. Soberly Assess – Now that you have the reason why you weren’t hired. Marinate on it for a few days. Is the reason something you can change in your business? Is it something you WANT to change? Were they actually just not your ideal client? Did something you say or do turn them off? Essentially you need to establish whether you need to adapt your process OR keep it exactly the same because you shouldn’t be trying to appeal to the masses but only to your niche target client.
  4. Move on – Dwelling on why you didn’t get the job is useless on many levels and if you don’t move on you’ll keep replaying it over again and again. As an entrepreneur & a small business owner it is your resilience, your ability to see the wood for the trees & your strength of character which will see you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from the failure, time and time again and move the hell on.

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How to deal with rejection as a Wedding Photographer