How To Survive The Covid 19 Crisis As A Wedding Business Part 1.

March 27, 2020
Wedding Business Coach

As a wedding business coach & a wedding photographer I have spent much of the past couple of weeks speaking with wedding clients, moving their wedding date, with coaching clients current and former (I don’t like to leave anyone hanging) about how to deal with corona virus in relation to their wedding business.

Today I went live in my Facebook group ‘That Fine Art Life‘ to share some tips with my members there and I wanted to give you a sneak peek here too (but come join the group and watch the live if you’re a wedding photographer I PROMISE you’ll leave with something!)

  1. Go Back To The Beginning. Get a pen and paper…answer these questions; Who is my ideal client? What do I want my business and brand to be known for? How do I communicate this in my website, on my social media? If no one else is like me how can I use whats individual to me to entice people into my brand? Who am I? What am I about? Whats my thing? What is speical about you?What do you love? What’s important to you? What have past clients said about you and your work, what have they complimented you on? How can you capitalise on that? 
  2. Spend some time working on your SEO – its just one way that people can find you, its vital that people can find you online, there are lots of resources out there, Maddy’s Facebook group in particular is a great place to find practical advice. 
  3. Build your brand on social media, there have never been more people online your audience has never been bigger! Take the answers to the question above and use it to craft your message. USE all the instagram functions – ask questions – take polls – do a LIVE- even if it’s scary – I GUARANTEE that you will get loads more engagement on your instagram – this isnt a secret it’s just fact – we are all voyeurs and we’re nosy – we can’t bloody help it – now more than ever because we have so much time on our hands. So USE that – take advantage of human nature and show us who you are.
  4. Learn something new, its never been a better time to learn, I’m going to be re-launching my film course as an online video at an all time low price to so if you had been interested in learning film but did not find the time or money, now’s your chance! You’re going to get some absolute STEALS at the moment in terms of online courses & coaching. As you know I am a wedding business coach and i have been offering my one to one coaching program at a corona virus discount in a bid to help as many people as possible right when they need it more. NOW!

I’ll be back with more practical action points in the next part of this blog series very shortly!