How To Prepare For Your London Doorstep Portrait Session

May 26, 2020
Cute London Doorstep Portrait Session

London Doorstep Portrait Session

I’ve done quite a few London doorstep portrait sessions in the past few weeks and Im often asked how to prepare, if theres anything families / couples need to do so I thought I’d write a quick post.

There is nothing you need to prepare but it is worth thinking about your outfit and that of your family.

Now it really depends how deep into this you want to go! I do recommend you make an effort with your hair and make up (if for no other reason than after having been in Lockdown for so long many women have told me its SO nice to be able to dress up, blow dry their hair and put some make up on – if you haven’t forgotten!)

Have a look at your doorstep as this will be the backdrop to the photos, think of the colours, you don’t want to wear the same colours as the door colour for example, that can look a bit too ‘matchy matchy’. You also don’t want to wear the same colours as the other family members, its a bit too much aesthetically! You want to aim to complement each other without being matchy!

Try to avoid patterns, especially conflicting ones as that can be quite confusing to the viewer.

Over and above that, just relax, wear something you are comfortable in, there’s nothing more beautiful that comfortable, confident people!

You don’t need to dress up unless you want to, I’ve had families be barefoot and casual and it’s a lovely chilled family vibe! The only goal is to capture a unique moment in time as a family!

If you’d like to see more London Doorstep Portrait Sessions there are lots on my blog but also on my instagram page (check out the story highlights where they are all saved!)

Former Family Portrait Client Testimonial:

‘First of all, Julie is the absolute BEST you will find in London. She was very prompt in responding, extremely professional, and such a joy to work with. Our photos were delivered within a couple of weeks and they are beyond beautiful! We LOVE them!!!! We will cherish these photos forever and will definitely be seeing Julie again on our next visit to London. Book her, you won’t regret it!’ -Adrienne Aaron.

Here is the lovely Charlotte from la Fete, a brilliant planner and creative!