London Engagement Shoot at sunrise – St Pauls Cathedral

May 2, 2019
London Engagement Shoot at St Pauls Cathedral

London Engagement Photoshoot This London Engagement Shoot is one of my favourites of all time. Sometimes you meet a client who just GETS you. And you GET them.

And all the stars align and you’re lucky enough to get to capture them in their love to celebrate their wedding anniversary in London.

We spent a sunrise together, Liz & Robert were a dream!

Of course it helped that Liz is actually a gorgeous wedding photographer based out of Washington DC, so she really knew her angles & poses which made my job pretty damn easy!

I can’t stress enough how key it is to make sure you have regular photos of you and your loved ones. I know when life is happening and its busy this can often be the last thing on your mind but dont forget to see the wood for the trees, life is all about those you love, the connections you make, the people you choose for life. Documenting your life together. Its priceless. A London Engagement Shoot is the perfect way to do this!

I’ve written a bit more about why I think engagement photography is so important HERE.

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If you’re interested in a London Engagement Shoot do get in touch, I’d love to help you protect your precious memories!