My First YouTube Interview with Maddy Shine

April 21, 2020
Wedding Business Coach Julie Michaelsen Photography

In the past 18 months I have been getting acquainted and comfortable with one of my newer titles; Wedding Business Coach.

Last year I was asked by the inimitable Maddy from Make Your Business Shine whether I could like to be interviewed on her Youtube channel ‘Gin & Magic; Conversations with Strong Women.’

In true introvert fashion it took me a good few days to build up the confidence to actually share it online…!

I was of course surprised to be asked and said yes immediately…
As the date of the interview loomed I started to have second thoughts…how embarrassing, how far outside my comfort zone, what do I know, who am I to say I can coach anyone or teach anyone anything about anything?! 

So I had internally agreed with myself that I would cancel, apologise to Maddy and just retreat into my warm safe comfort zone. 

Unfortunately* I have very supportive, logical and sage friends…George told me not to cancel, so I didn’t and I’m so glad because although it feels SO cringe worthy sharing this, and I hate my face and voice on camera, the thing is it was a big deal to be asked by Maddy and I’m so glad I didn’t cancel and let her down like the wuss I actually am. 

So even though I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the whole interview yet (I’m doing that TODAY!) I wanted to share this with you all in the hope that it might push you to do something truly uncomfortable, vulnerable and scary in your business or life…

Much love,
Julie x

My first Youtube interview with Maddy!

As it happens more and more the title wedding business coach is feeling more natural. As I get lovely, glowing testimonials from my coaching clients & people within the industry come to me and ask my opinion on their business, it feels more comfortable and like I’m where I’m supposed to be.

I’d like to share a few testimonials from former coaching clients if you don’t mind? I have to push myself to share these kind words because as someone who prefers to stay out of the limelight and behind a camera, it’s not something which comes naturally to me.

But you know what? I have to do as I preach to my clients, no one will promote your business more than you yourself, and by sharing some of these kind words, not only do I hope they show you that I can add value & change your business but they also remind me, on those unsure days that I can have a profound effect on peoples business & lives.

‘I want to take a minute to send Julie some of the love and support that she puts into her coaching clients. 

Towards the end of last year my business felt stuck and I knew I needed to do something to make some positive changes, what I didn’t know was that I needed Julie.
After finding Julie on Instagram and joining her Facebook group I heard one of her Live videos and connected with her straight away! 

I had been looking for a business coach for a while, but I didn’t seem to connect with anyone else or the services they were offering. With Julie, I knew in and instant that I needed to work with her. 

She is so easy to talk to and gave constant support in between each of our sessions. And it was very clear that she genuinely cared and wanted to help me help my business succeed. 

Julie gave sincere and straight-talking advice and guidance and was able to explain why certain things were or weren’t working for me and most importantly how I could change that! She helped me to better understand my business and I had that light-bulb moment more than once during our time together. 

Each session was tailored to me and what I had going on in the business or specific areas I needed the most help or growth. 

The biggest thing that I am beyond grateful for is the confidence in myself that Julie helped me discover. 
Julie thank you so much for your advice and expertise. 
You an amazing coach, photographer and human being.’ – Ami Johnson – 2020 coaching client.

If you’re wondering about getting some help and possibly investing in a wedding business coach, please do get in touch as Im offering a special offer on my one to one programme in the next couple of weeks! Get in touch and lets see if we’re right for one another 🙂

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Julie Michaelsen, fine art wedding photographer and wedding business coach