One Of The 45 UK Wedding Photographers Everyone Wants To Book…

February 22, 2019
One of The Top 45 UK Wedding Photographers Everyone Wants to book

Being recognised as One of ‘The 45 UK Wedding Photographers Everyone wants to book’ in a highly competitive industry for your sweat, blood and tears (ok not really blood but sweat and tears – some happy – a plenty!) is a massive deal to me.

Now the cynic in me mumbles oh well you know its just a blog post, what is it really based on etc self deprecating nonsense blah blah but the optimist in me who knows how hard I work to make my clients happy, how many hours I invest to make sure I am visible & she, well she does a David Brent celebration dance and proceeds to shout it from the roof tops.

Because really, it doesn’t matter what it’s based on, what matters is that I’m on it along with a slew of other uk wedding photographers who I admire deeply (and two of which I have hired myself!)

As one of the most prominent fine art photographers in the UK, Julie Michaelsen has the most romantic style that’s equal parts luxurious and light.

– One Fab Day

The funny thing was that when I spotted the list I was sure I would read it and feel a big ol’ hump at not being included but when I saw my name there at number 7 I was absolutely thrilled and gobsmacked.

The truth is coming back to work after having your first baby is really hard, it knocks your confidence somehow the knocks lands a little harder than pre-baby because every moment I’m working, I’m not with her & I have my own guilt issues with that.

So to find my name on this list of top uk wedding photographers was the kick up the backside I needed to remind myself that I am actually really good at this stuff and its not just my friends and family who are saying it to be kind – its objective industry people whose know what they’re talking & look at wedding photography every single day.

But I know all too well what it feels like to open these lists and not find your name listed – TRUST me I know that feeling but I’d like to dedicate this little business win to all those other wedding photographers looking at the list and feeling that pang of disappointment.

I see you, I am you.

Don’t let this throw you into that negative spiral.

Keep your head down.

Do the work.

Create beautiful work you are proud of.

Pour your heart and soul into a business which has your CLIENT at the very core of it.

And don’t forget…your time is coming.

If you build it. They will come.

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Thank you to friend and inspiration Kylee Yee for taking my portrait here