Personal Projects & Why YOU Need one – My Love Of Fine Art Maternity Shoots

March 27, 2019
Beach Fine Art Maternity Photography

Fine Art Maternity Photoshoot on the Danish beach in Hornbaek

Ever since I started my photography career I kept reading about personal projects and how all photographers should have one…I kept thinking gawd how would I have time for a personal project when I’m hustling hard on my main job – fine art wedding photography!

But I recently had a revelation.

I realised that I really enjoyed doing beautiful, elegant, non-cheesy maternity photos for people I care about.

Its not something I advertise. In fact it’s not really something I have time for but I do it for those I am invested in, be it friends, family or former wedding clients.

Having recently become a mother I look back fondly on the pregnancy stage (after the awful sickness passed – mine was horrific!) with such love in my heart. It was SO exciting, so unbelievable that at the end of the journey would be a brand new life, all ours, that we created out of nothing. It is mind-blowing and to capture this time in someones life so they can look back and remember that crazy time, is something which feels so special to me.

The reason I think everyone NEEDs a personal project is that it gives you time to breathe, to shoot freely and as creatively as you feel necessary, I think it can bring something new and intangible but oh so fresh to you bread and butter work…

I wanted to share this shoot, of my brother and sister in law, which was shot in my childhood home of Hornbaek, Denmark, on the beach where we played as children, where our children will play together, where they’ll have sand picnics, where they’ll chase eachother with the (non-stinging) jellyfish you can find there, its where their childhoods will become engrained in their minds and hearts.

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