A Relaxed London Family Photography Session with Bubbles!

November 22, 2019
Fun Family Portrait Photography London

A relaxed London Family photography session in the Autumn light complete with bubbles & autumnal outfits!

Autumn may just be my favourite time to shoot family portraits. Its the start of a new school/ nursery year & much like the January of a new year there’s a feeling of letting go, renewal which I love so much especially in regards to babies, kids and families.

Since becoming a mother myself I’ve had to learn (and continue to learn) that art of relaxing, letting go and going with the flow which makes parenting so much more freeing and relaxed, rather than my go-to state of mind, which is to prep, control and predict for any situation or outcome.

Frankly its exhausting.

I read a quote recently which I thought so appropriate to the time of year and which resonates so much for me right now as my daughter has recently started nursery…

‘Autumn: Showing us the beauty of letting go.’

I hope you too experience the beauty of letting go, the joy in releasing control and the fun to be had in following a child’s lead!

Do get in touch if you’d like to book in your relaxed London family photography session. To see more of my work head to the family portrait section of my website. Some of my family portrait work was featured on Lemonade & Lenses. Do go check it out!