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February 6, 2020
Social Media Planning Advice by London Wedding Business Coach

London Wedding Business Coach

Hi there! If you’re finding me for the first time welcome!

I’m Julie, I’m a London wedding business coach specialising in wedding photographers!

I HATED planning my social media content, until I realised it didnt have to be so painful, so I’m sharing with you my tips to make it a bit less agonising & time consuming!

So I plan my social media content a month in advance. 

I write 4 blog posts per month based on; what weddings / shoots I have to show, what I want to sell.

I then create 4 quality pieces of content – which have a compelling title – think about your client what interests them – what do they want to know? You have so much knowledge so educate them. 

You can then use those 4 pieces of content to repurpose your content across social media – you can talk through them on IG TV or stories 

You can copy paste / tweak some of the copy for the instagram captions. 

You can use those same captions on a delay on facebook (don’t push the same content from instagram to facebook – Zuckerberg doesn’t like it!)

What does your client want and what do you want to sell are the key questions for you to create content. If you don’t know what to say I’d argue that you don’t know who you’re speaking to, and if you don’t know who you’re speaking to, how can you know what they want? If you don’t know what they want how can you give it to them?

The next step is now knowing your IG themes – they must be about you. Things you’re happy to share e.g. I like to talk about female solidarity, sisterhood, I studied philosophy and theoglogy so I ll often post inspirational or motivational quotes, I am Danish and a European, I talk about that because it’s relevant to the fact that I’m a European Destination Wedding Photographer.

Then I look at whats going on that month – days of note for e.g. in february there’s obviously valentines day, there is world marriage day, there is random acts of kindness day…there’s also my birthday 🙂 I can use that to create content!

Some of the best people you can look to in order to plan your content is Janet Murray (her podcast in particular!) & Jasmine Star in my opinion!

My work as a London wedding business coach is some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done. I coach wedding photographers to get a handle on their numbers, get confident enough to be visible in their businesses & give them direction through strategy so it doesn’t feel like they’re just drifting in the wind, being pulled in a million different directions.

If you’d like to see if we’re a fit for one another get in touch for a relaxed 30 minute chat x