Spring London blossom Engagement Shoot (She wore a STUNNING white jumpsuit!) SNEAK PEEK

April 15, 2019
blossom london engagement shoot where the bride wore a jumpsuit and looked incredible

A London blossom engagement shoot is the ultimate engagement shoot goals.

When these two handsome people turned up to our engagement session my little heart was fit to burst…gorgeous couple – yep, beautiful london spring weather – yep, blossoms out in full force- yep! The DREAM! AND she wore a jumpsuit…God I love a jumpsuit bride / bride to be!

I really do believe that in life generally (but also during the wedding planning process) that taking time out to appreciate the one you love is so important… Life can be so short and fleeting and what better way to spend an hour than taking some time out from to-do lists and just be together. Booking some engagement photography is the perfect way to do this!

Looking into each others eyes, kissing and embracing, living in the moment and celebrating that you have found each other… So many of my couples come away from their engagement shoot saying they feel even more loved up and appreciating each other more fully. Life these days moves so fast so being asked by an external party to stop, close your eyes and hold on to each other is an excellent excuse to be present in the moment together.

It’s so unlikely that you’ve done this together as a couple, I really think documenting your everyday lives together is just as important as the milestones of your relationship. Couples these days so rarely have more than the odd selfie together which seems such a shame, that’s why an engagement shoot is such a lovely thing to do. It also means you can use the images on your wedding day itself.

A few of my recent couples have used framed prints as the table names at their wedding which is such a lovely personal touch! They also make really great gifts for family members who have perhaps gone the extra mile for you on your wedding day…

Get in touch for your London blossom engagement shoot before they disappear!

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