Surviving Covid 19 Crisis as a Wedding Photographer – Part 2

April 6, 2020
Julie Michaelsen Wedding Business Coach

As a wedding photographer coach, I’ve been speaking to a lot of wedding photographers over the past couple of weeks and the general consensus is confusion & fear. I hope that these tips will motivate you to ditch fear and do something practical to help your business get through this tricky time.

1.Build your community. Community has never been more important, we need each other right now, so what can you do or offer others even if its not direct photography clients even if its your photographers community – what can you help people with? Can you do a skills swap? What do you need help with right now? What can you offer people with? Something that you do really easily and think everyone knows how to do – not everyone does! E.g. if you’re really good at Canva could you create some graphics for a fellow photographers in exchange for her / him showing you how to do your first IG tv? 

2. Sell – prints, albums, gift certificates, I know you might feel weird about selling right now you are a small business owner, this is what you DO! You chose this life, its uncertain, its exciting and its hard but its also exhilarating and energising! Its for people who want to push and challenge themselves and right now we are experiencing the biggest challenge of our time in our industry – so my question to you is how will you come out fighting? When the chips are down who are you? Are you going to lie down and give up or will you stand up and say I have something to say I have something to sell. People ARE still buying, I’ve seen it. I’ve had enquiries for weddings in 2021 people are planning their weddings now more than ever so show up for them!

3. SUBMIT YOUR WORK NOW! I know for a fact that wedding blogs are hungry for content so go after the big fish, the one you’ve been putting off for fear of failure or rejection  – these are unprecedented times so lets be unprecedented! The first time I was featured on SMP I 100% thought it would be rejected but guess what it got published and it boosted my confidence – my exact thought process was well if its good enough for SMP maybe I’m alright at this? And if you dont get your wedding or shoot featured -ask why – they might ignore you but you cant control that and you have to brush it off, say to yourself it wasnt my time & move on – whatever you do dont let whats happening in the world and industry right now affect your confidence – your own confidence in your ability is what will see you through, its your life line!

This Wednesday at 12 midday I am talking at the wonderful Timeless Stylist’s online summit for wedding professionals; How To Build A Brand To Come Back Fighting! I’m going to talking about How to Be Good With Numbers (sexy right?) but as a wedding photographer coach I see too many photographers and other vendors too for that matter using the term ‘Im no good with numbers!’ & I want to help fix that!

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