The 5 Questions I Get Asked Most About – Luxury London Wedding Photographer

April 27, 2020

As a Luxury London wedding photographer I get asked a lot of questions, but here are the 5 most commons ones which keep cropping up…

  1. What kind of weddings do you shoot?

I was asked this again recently and it’s one of my favourite questions because it allows me to connect with & talk about my ideal client and ideal wedding.

WHERE: I have shot quite a few destination weddings in my time and continue to do so (albeit a more select number now that I have a young family) but given I’m based in London I’ve also shot a lot of weddings in London, The Cotswolds, Suffolk, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Buckinghamshire, Oxford, Kent, Sussex…you name a county I’ve probably shot there! I’ve shot many a church weddings but my favourite types of weddings are outdoor ones because it suits my ‘light and airy’ style. 

And WHO do I shoot weddings for? Well my clients are varied and wonderful in all their diversity but for the most part my clients are fun, elegant, sophisticated, kind & hardworking in their respective fields, they are passionate & lovely! 

Gorgeous Wedding bouquet by fine art luxury london wedding photographer. Florals by Bluesky Flowers
Gorgeous Wedding bouquet by fine art luxury london wedding photographer. Florals by Bluesky Flowers
  1. How many hours coverage do you think we need?

This really depends on the schedule of your wedding day. I arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony and offer packages of 8, 10 & 12 hours of coverage, so it’s up to you how long you’d like coverage for but for the most part my clients tend to book 10 or 12 hour packages.  

Luxury London Wedding Photographer
Florals by bluesky flowers, Luxury London Wedding Photographer Julie Michaelsen Photography
  1. What’s up with the film photography? Why don’t you just shoot digital?

Well I wrote a whole post on this topic HERE but in summary I find shooting film to be such a fulfilling process, I love the dreamy creamy tones and colours its produces, it has an incredible dynamic range meaning I can shoot film in bright sunshine and the camera produces perfectly exposed images without the shadows being too dark or the highlights being blown out, finally I feel like digital is a bit too perfect these days…who needs to see that much detail?!

Luxury london wedding photographer , Fine art Wedding Photographer
  1. Do we need a videographer? Can you recommend anyone? 

YES I really do think you need a videographer!

The biggest regret of married couples is not having a video of their wedding day! 

I know a lot of fantastic videographers like HD Moments, Vogue Weddings Films & Perfect Moments

I think it’s really important to have a team who like working together & can create a seamless service alongside each other.

London Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Julie Michaelsen Photography
  1. Will you shoot family portraits?

Of course! 

This London wedding photographer LOVES shooting the formal family portraits at a wedding – and this is not something you’ll hear a lot from wedding photographers. Why? Because they are not the most ‘interesting’ or creative of photos that wedding photographers like to take. You’ll hear a lot of ‘Keep them to a minimum’, ‘They take forever’, ‘You’ll get bored’, ‘Try to only do 10 set ups’…

But you know what? 

When I got married myself I didn’t want anyone to tell me how many family portraits we could do or not, families can be complicated and there’s sometimes politics to navigate.

I think we ended up having more than 20…gulp. As long as there is enough time in the schedule (hint: FORWARD PLAN! Assume 3minutes per set up.) to do them, I can keep shooting until the cows come home & guess what, those photos are the ones you and your family will print and frame & look at every day for the rest of your lives. 

I think they’re super important. 

Especially right now! 

Fine Art Wedding Photographer London
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