The Best UK Wedding Florists |Some of my favourites.

December 12, 2019

I’ve been fortunate to work some of the very best UK wedding florists whose creativity (and hard graft) often leaves me speechless and I wanted to share their work with you today. I’m often asked by clients for recommendations on florists, hair and make up artists, videographers and sometimes planners so watch out for those upcoming blog posts!

For now though let me introduce you to some incredible wedding florists!

Blue Sky Flowers

Fine Art Wedding Photographer London
A fine art film coastal elopement wedding by Julie Michaelsen Photography,

Liz is an institution within the wedding industry, she’s also the first florist to do a styled shoot with me when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. We’ve worked together on numerous weddings, all sorts of styled shoots, she’s done floral crown workshops and Christmas Wreath workshops for me, my friends and family…she even did the flowers at one of my weddings (yep I had two lol). We’ve done it all. Her style is elegant, lush, romantic and natural and always stunning! Her business acumen has inspired me from the very start of my career, her dedication to her work and her ability to make clients feel special is something you frankly can’t teach. She is an absolute gem and I’m lucky to count her as a friend, you’d be very lucky to have her on your wedding vendor team. Liz is the first who springs to might when I started thinking about the best UK wedding florists.

Moss & Stone

Beautiful wild peach and orange bouquet by moss and stone
Fine art wedding photographer London, Julie Michaelsen Photography

I met Brigitte at a styled shoot at a gin factory. That sounds like the start of a joke! Brigitte is a true artisan at heart. Her style is wild, organic, natural and romantic – letting nature speak for itself – in the garden and vase. Seasonality and provenance are important to her so she prefers to use flowers and foliage naturally available at their peak of perfection. Her wild and rambling English bouquets are the stuff of ethereal hazy dreams. Her fine art style is so strongly aligned with my brand aesthetic, I hope we get to work together again soon!

Blooming Haus

Hedsor House Wedding Photographer Julie Michaelsen Photography, with flowers by blooming haus - Best UK Wedding Florists
Hedsor House Wedding Photographer Julie Michaelsen Photography

Blooming Haus is a visionary florist studio rooted in the craft of master floristry. They design and build inventive and immersive floral masterpieces, forging a reputation for meticulous service, creative excellence and an environmentally conscious approach. I met them at a wedding at Hedsor House, they were creating a sprawling staircase installation but still had the time and generosity to give me some spare stems for my flatlays – such gents! They truly understand the power of aesthetic and really had to be on my list of the best uk wedding florists! I am also always so appreciative of their support for my work, even when I don’t quite make the press deadlines…mum-fail.

Amie Bone

Amie bone floral arch at Hedsor House Wedding
Julie Michaelsen, Fine Art Wedding Photographer London

The award winning Amie and her team create some of the most spectacular floral experiences I’ve ever seen, I’ve worked with them twice this year on beautiful weddings, one Hedsor House Wedding and one in Essex (coming soon!). With an attention to detail and a love for breathtaking florals and happy clients, Amie has become a London institution, and it’s not hard to see why. Her energy, warmth and enthusiasm is almost as famous as her flowers! She is someone I look up to from a business perspective, and her team are really some of the loveliest I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

All for Love London

Chiswick House Editorial by Julie Michaelsen Photography & All for Love London - Best UK Wedding Florists
Chiswick House Editorial by Julie Michaelsen Photography & All for Love London florist

All for Love London specialise in large, horticultural sculptures and public, art installations. I was lucky enough to work on a styled shoot 2 years ago with Ruth, I had not worked with her before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turns out everything Ruth does turns to gold, she’s one of the most hardworking and busy florists, you really don’t want to delay trying to book her. This girl is BUSY! Our styled Chiswick House shoot is one of the most successful ones I’ve ever created and shot and I think Ruth’s florals is one of the reason for this. She also happens to be a lovely and warm person who champions mental wellness and sells the coolest hot pink floristry scissors (perfection Christmas gift alert!)

Jo Flowers

Fine Art Elegant Wedding Photography, London Destination Wedding Photographer
Fine Art Elegant Wedding Photography, London Destination Wedding

Jo, well, what can I say about Jo. Having only met her once during a super busy style shoot at Home House, I didn’t have the opportunity to truly get to know her but to see her creations is almost to see into her soul, every piece drips with heart. Full of romance, ethereal beauty and reverence to the classic and the contemporary, Jo works with nature and natural forms to create the most special and stylish arrangements.  Colours, textures, forms and atmospheres combine in Jo’s gifted hands, and the resulting aesthetic alchemy feels as effortless as it does timeless.

Sweetpea Floral Atelier

Gorgeous Pink Peony and white rose wedding bouquet by Sweet Pea Flowers - Best UK Wedding Florists
Gorgeous Pink Peony and white rose wedding bouquet by Sweet Pea Flowers

I can pinpoint the exact point in my career when I got a sense of ‘YES, this is what I’m talkin’ about!,’ and it was the wedding of Clareana & Eduardo ( which we got featured on Style Me Pretty!) planned by Something Blue Weddings and with florals by Marianne. We also happened to enter motherhood at around the same time so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Marianne. With more than a decades experience at the forefront of floral design, her style is intimate and artistic, she balances her love of the relentless pace of the city (she is a born and raised Londoner) and the romance and wildness of the great outdoors, mixing colour and texture in rich and generous compositions that are both thoughtful and unexpected.


Wildabout Florists from a Jenna Hewitt Wedding
Wildabout’s floral creation at a Jenna Hewitt Wedding taken by Julie Michaelsen Photography

I met Leanne recently this year and have since fallen in love with her creations, they are big, beautiful and full of life. With an emphasis on the finest quality and a reputation for excellence and creativity, Wildabout is a firm favourite on the luxury wedding florist scene. I was able to watch this team turn an incredible ceremony space into the scene you see above, in the space of an hour and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. A well oiled machine, so much more work than I had imagined and a super impressive team!

So that’s it! Just some of the best UK wedding florists who I’ve worked with and continue to recommend wholeheartedly to my clients.