The Most Common Mistakes When Hiring A Luxury Wedding Photographer

October 8, 2018
Luxury wedding photographer, chiswick house london

Hiring a Luxury Wedding Photographer? Don’t make these common mistakes…

  • Not knowing or understanding their style and approach…

First of all, all luxury wedding photographers have their own individual style. Sometimes clients assume they know what kind of photos you will receive. It’s important to ask your wedding photographer if they will be shooting 100pc candidly or will be doing some light direction. I am very clear with my clients that I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer meaning I will and do direct couples into look their best. I have a relaxed manner to make you feel like yourself and produce natural looking imagery. For the rest of the wedding day I am mostly shooting candidly and of course would never interfere with key parts of the wedding day e.g. the ceremony.

fine art wedding photography

  • Not asking to see a full wedding gallery…

This sounds obvious but sometimes clients can get some caught up in the excitement that they forget to ask to see a full gallery and this my friend is a mistake! Knowing what you’ll receive it so important! Assume nothing!

Beautiful bridal portrait by julie michaelsen luxury fine art wedding photographer

  • Not reading the contract properly / fully…

Both bride and groom must read the contract and ask if they have any questions at all. Assuming terms surrounding what your luxury wedding photographer will and will not deliver or whether he/she will use your photos to promote themselves online is a huge mistake and one which can have serious ramifications after the wedding day. Read that contract and ask if you don’t understand! I emphasise to my clients that I am available to answer any questions, there should be no miscommunication!

luxury fine art wedding photographer

  • Micro-Managing your professional luxury wedding photographer…

Finally if you hire a luxury wedding photographer who is a professional you shouldn’t need to micro manage them. BY ALL MEANS communicate to them what is important to you such as e.g. tell/ show them who are your nearest and dearest who must be in a photo or if you’ve spent a lot of time and energy of the floral design or some other detail, tell them they are important to you and you it documented. But handing over a massive list of specific photos which you want is overkill and as a result will stifle your photographers creativity – which is what you hired them for in the first place?

luxury fine art wedding photographer

If you have any questions about me or my services please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to help!

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