The Nordic Way Workshop – Helen Eriksen – Luxury Wedding Planner – An Interview…

January 23, 2019
The Nordic Way Workshop - For Fine Art Wedding Photographers

The Nordic Way Workshop – for Fine Art Wedding Photographers is not about me, its not even about you.

The Nordic Way is way more than the sum of its individual parts , it’s about a collective spirit.

With that spirit in mind I wanted to dive a bit deeper into our speakers, so that you get to know them & they don’t feel like strangers when you meet them at the workshop…first up is the wonderful Helen Eriksen.

I first met Helen at the Quintessentially Bridal Atelier at The Dorchester where I was exhibiting. I already knew Helen from instagram and was curious to meet her due to her beautiful aesthetic but also because she lived in Cheshire (where I grew up) and her name was Scandi (her husband is Swedish!)

I remember this chic lady approach me with her warm and infectious smile & her luxe beautifully embossed business card (a fellow paper lover like me!)

Ever since then we’ve kept in touch & I’ve been honoured to watch her star rise to win the TWIA Best Wedding Planner accolade last year! She plans luxurious weddings in the UK & abroad. But enough from me over to Helen…

Photo by San Shawe

Helen can you give us a brief introduction for those who might not know you or your services:

I am the owner and Director of Helen Eriksen Wedding & Event Design, a luxury wedding and event planning agency based in Wilmslow, Cheshire covering the whole of the UK and Europe. My company was established in 2015 and in January 2018 I was awarded the title of UK Wedding Planner of 2018 by the Wedding Industry Awards. My client base is quite varied although I do tend to work a lot with international clients who are looking to plan their wedding abroad. Whilst each client and wedding I create is completely different, there does tend to be a common thread between their styles. I would probably describe my house style as classic elegance and I think the weddings which I work on pretty much reflect that style. 

Photo by Heledd Roberts

´╗┐What has been the best lesson learnt in your career so far?

This is an incredibly difficult one, there have been so many valuable lessons along the way and it’s hard to pin point the best one but I would most probably say that success doesn’t come over night. Once you learn to accept that it makes running your own business so much more enjoyable. I have been running my own business now for just over four years and whilst I am proud of what I have accomplished in that time there is so much more that I would like to achieve. When I first set up my business I thought the clients would come and that I would be fully booked in a year. In reality that doesn’t happen as it takes time to to establish yourself both with clients and the industry as a whole. It can be so easy to get deflated and compare yourself to others who are much further on in their journey but I have found that if you just keep going despite and knocks or set back, you will get there eventually. 

Photo by Amanda Karen

What can you tell us something which people may not know about you? (Juicer the better!)

Oh crikey, I always struggle to come up with something super juicy when asked a question like this! On one of my very first weddings I managed to lock myself and the suppliers outside of the building on the morning of the set up. I completely forgot that the door had an electrical locking system on it and I had left my bag (which happened to have the door key in it and my phone) inside the building. Thankfully one of the suppliers had her phone with her and I was able to call the venue owner who lived a few villages away as she had a spare key! Let’s just say it was a learning experience and from that day on I have always worn a belt bag on a wedding day to keep important things like keys and my phone in it! 

Why do you think Fine Art Wedding Photographers should join the Nordic Way Workshop?

‘I think it is a fantastic opportunity for both aspiring and established fine art wedding photographers to accelerate their growth, develop their knowledge and to put themselves ahead of their competitors who are at a similar stage in business.  One of the best things I invested in when I was setting up my business was training and coaching. By connecting with those who were well ahead of me in terms of their planning businesses really gave me a focus and a drive to make my business a success. I can honestly say that without that investment my business would not be where it is today. Self-employment can often be a lonely and difficult journey. By making meaningful connections and being around like minded business owners at a very early stage can really help fasttrack your success as well as keep you sane throughout those testing moments! ‘

Check out Helen’s beautiful website HERE & follow her on Instagram HERE and of course if you’re looking for more information about The Nordic Way Workshop you can head HERE