2020 Strategy For Those Who Hate Strategy

January 2, 2020
Wedding Industry Business Coach and 2020 Strategy Setting for wedding photographers

This wedding industry business coach is sad.

Sad to see so many photographers going into the new year with no strategy for their business.

Photographers hate strategy.

It freaks them out and as a wedding industry business coach it breaks my heart.

You must have a strategy because if you don’t know where you’re going how will you know when you get there??

At the very least you must have done these steps below:

  1. How many weddings / engagement shoots/ Albums/ Print sales / Family shoots. Compare to the year before.
  2. What did you earn. What did you spend. What profit did you make? Compare to the year before.
  3. Can you trim anything off your overheads for next year? Can you find a better / cheaper service provider?
  4. What went right in 2019? Why?
  5. What went wrong in 2019? Why?

Right now that’s done lets look at 2020…

  1. What do you want to achieve in 2020? Make a list.
  2. HOW will you do this? Make a list of how you might achieve these things!
  3. What will you invest in this year to improve yourself, your business, your services, your branding?
  4. Have you gotten all of your 2019 shoots / weddings published? If not get on that asap!
  5. Have you started your content plan at least for Jan? If not lets do that! (see upcoming post about this!)

I go into much more detail in my Facebook Group: That Fine Art Life, it’s for wedding photographers, it’s FREE and share my best content there, so come join me, I go LIVE once a week and I’m around to support you if you need help! You can also find some pretty amazing and inspiring peers there!

I’m Julie by the way, wedding industry business coach, helping photographers ensure they have a business and not an expensive time consuming hobby…