Wedding Photographer: Where and How to find yours

February 3, 2017
Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer is one of the more important vendors at your wedding. They’re the ones responsible for yours and your family’s future memories. If you are newly engaged and looking to find your perfect wedding photographer, it can seem a slightly overwhelming task…so I thought I’d write a little blog post about the best ways to find your wedding photographer.

1. Ask Your Wedding Planner
If you have a wedding planner for your big day this should be your first port of call for supplier advice because these planners have the experience of working with many photographers and suppliers already and can give you an honest review of their work, personality, manner. Planners will tend to have a handful of wedding photographers with different styles, approaches and price points who they recommend so this can give you a really good insight.

2. Research Wedding Blogs
In general wedding blogs feature an average of 3 real weddings a day meaning they’re introducing you to 3 new wedding photographers daily, so spend some time browsing their pages and see if you get any inspiration. A lot of blogs these days have their own ‘recommended supplier’ database which is a good starting point too but make sure you understand that the people who are on these lists are doing so because they are paying for their space there i.e. its not always the most impartial of recommendations but it does give you the introduction, from there on out it’s for you to decide if that person is for you.
Here are some of my favourite blogs:
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3. Personal Recommendation
I think that the very best way to hire a wedding photographer is through a personal recommendation from a friend or family member who has used them in the past or attended a wedding where they have been doing the photography.… This usually means there are no surprises and you can ask someone else’s advice about the service the photographer provided as well as the all important what were they like on the day!?

4. Google Search
Make sure you know what you’re looking for, the google search term will depict which type of photographers so up so for example you can state whether you want a London based wedding photographer, or a destination wedding photography (who will travel) you can also specify what kind of wedding photographer you’re looking for such as alternative / fine art / reportage / documentary / editorial. Don’t be afraid to keep looking past the first page, just because a photographer is on the first page of google doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best photographer for you, just that they’re really good at SEO / paying for google ads etc.

5. Wedding Fairs
Attending wedding fairs is a great way to find your wedding photographer because you get to see their work up close in person as well as meet them and suss out if they are the right kind of person as well as the right kind of photographer for you and your partner. Wedding Photographers tend to put a lot of time, effort and money into these shows because they want to get out in front of people instead of relying on their website and social media to do the work for them, so definitely seek out the ones you want to meet and ask any questions you need answering!

6. Social Media!
Increasingly brides and grooms are finding their wedding photographers on instagram!
Us wedding photographers put a lot of time and energy into our social media accounts so that they reflect our business and approach, so its no wonder that when a couple become engaged they start to look at social media avenues such as instagram searching for relevant hashtags and falling in love with photographers and their instagram page!