Why is EVERYONE having a Lockdown Doorstep Portrait?

May 27, 2020

Have you had a Lockdown Doorstep Portrait?


You’re probably the only one! Sorry!

So why is everyone scrambling to have a doorstep portrait?


  1. What else are you going to do? I mean don’t get me wrong, Im not implying that you have more time now than usual (we have less!) We’ve never been busier but still we’re also a bit bored! And wow childcare I’ll get on to that…You DO actually have 15 mins in the day to have a quick portrait session!
  2. We’ve never spent more time together as a family and isn’t that just beautiful, messy, stressful and all the things?! Above all I think we know this wont last forever and its so strange and bizarre, I think we feel compelled to document it! Just like the world wars were documented, this is the single more ‘unprecedented’ event of our time and I think we want to be able to remember and share it in the future.
  3. Whether you’re homeschooling or just being a full time carer (whilst working and doing all the things) for your kids, not only are you now a parent you’re also a teacher responsible for their development and well being…it’s intense and I think we could all just a little fun breather to remind ourselves that as long as your kids are safe and happy, you’re doing a stellar job!
  4. Family Memories for £99. That’s a pretty good deal even if I do say so myself…
  5. Support a small business! There’s no denying it, small businesses like mine have taken the biggest hit during this crisis so we’ve had to do some pretty quick pivoting to make money for our families. Like many others I’ve lost almost all the scheduled income for this year and that’s pretty scary. So every time someone books a shoot it helps me out enormously. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart!

If you’d like to book your Lockdown Doorstep Portrait please do get in touch over email or head to my instagram page and DM me there!

This is the lovely Anne-Laure from Et Voila Wedding Planning!