The Nordic Way has been created to introduce photographers to the Fine Art Wedding Photography style, whether you’ve been shooting for 1 or 2 years or are brand new, this workshop will give you the inside knowledge of how to market yourself, valuable pricing strategies and how to find those Fine Art clients.

Being Danish, the concept of Hygge has been entrenched within my soul ever since I was born and it is this very special feeling of cosiness, scented candles, homemade baked goods and good company which I wanted to use as a base concept for a new workshop for Fine Art Wedding Photographers.

Fine Art Wedding Photography is often be associated with the luxury market which is not always associated with accessibility. I wanted to create a space where we will talk about attracting these fine art clients but in a way which is friendly, down to earth and accessible.

I created this workshop because I believe that success is possible if you are given the right tools and advice. Sure you can probably figure it out for yourself in a few years but why not fast track yourself? I have invited speakers whose knowledge I believe to be the cornerstone to success within the Fine Art Wedding Photography world and I want to share that with you.

I want to share with you my mistakes, what works and what doesn't so that you don't have to waste time doing the same.

When I first started in the wedding photography business I attended ALL the workshops. I remember attending one in particular where, when I arrived I stood alone in the kitchen while the rest of the group huddled in the other corner. They didn't even look up to acknowledge me.

No one welcomed me. No one asked how I was doing. And to this day I remember how uncomfortable that felt.

I remember telling myself even then that one day I would run my OWN workshop where every single person would be personally welcomed by me and I would make them feel comfortable and supported. Because I know what it feels like to be walk into a room alone and not be acknowledged...

But don't delay because seats on this workshop are LIMITED to make sure this is kept intimate.

fine art wedding photography
pink, yellow and earthy toned Autumnal inspired floral arrangement at The Nordic Way - Fine Art Wedding Photographer Workshop
045Julie Michaelsen Photography

I am constantly seeing other photographers produce the kind of work I want to create but don't know how…

Where are these fine art clients and how can I find them?!

SEO is such a maze and I have no idea where to start!

Pricing? I’m mostly guessing!

These were exactly the kinds of questions and thoughts I would be having myself when I first started out as a Fine Art wedding photographer and if this sounds like you I strongly recommend you join us! 

I know exactly what it feels like to be new to an industry, to feel overwhelmed and apprehensive, trying to reach out to people and not getting much back. If someone had taken me by the hand all those years ago and told me what was important, what to focus on, what to spend money on and where to not…I would have jumped at the chance! I remember attending workshops where I felt nervous and unwelcome and I want to create a workshop experience where everyone is truly welcomed and celebrated in true Danish 'Hygge' Style.

It is for this reason that I am offering for the very first time, a two day exclusive workshop for Fine Art Wedding Photographers. I have learnt so much from the wedding industry and I want to share that with you new up and comers!

This workshop really is all about sharing knowledge and supporting you as budding fine art photographers, helping you to get where you want to go, with practical advice and experience. We aim to inspire and nurture, lift up and connect, to provide clarity surrounding pricing, client experience, practical SEO advice, to motivate and help set you on a positive and productive path to success. 

Come and join us for a day of masterclasses by some of the industry’s leading ladies.
Location: Holland Park, London

Julie Michaelsen
Mentor And Leader For The Day

I will be covering some of the most important areas of the fine art wedding photographer's business such as: Client Experience & Communication, 'How I shoot a Wedding', Networking & Social Media, Introduction to Fine Art Film Photography and 'What I Wish I had known...'

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way
Faye Cornhill
Pricing For Success

Faye Cornhill will be talking about pricing your business for success. Pricing says so much about your business and you as an individual. It is the cornerstone between business success and failure. The difference between a balanced and satisfied life and a stressed and fraught life. Faye dispels some of the most popular pricing myths and will go into detail about pricing psychology and what it means for you and your client base.

 Helen Eriksen 
Working with Top Wedding Planners.

Helen will be giving you valuable insider knowledge on Wedding Planners; how and why you should work with them. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes you high end wedding clients and has carved out a recognisable and respected brand within a crowded and competitive market.

Wedding Photography workshop
Maddy Jones
SEO Uncovered

Maddy Jones will be talking to us about SEO, what it means, why it's important and how it can help your business . She'll be sharing  practical and actionable steps to improve your SEO and get your business seen by the right clients. Maddy has transformed hundreds of wedding businesses within the industry and is considered the go to authority on SEO.

Takes place at an Exclusive and Luxury private residence in Holland Park, London and includes:

• Delicious light lunch,
• All refreshments on day 1
• A luxury welcome gift(only for attendees of both days!)
• Talks by 4 wedding industry specialists
• Intimate Networking drinks at the end of the day.

Day Two is an ethereal Fine Art Wedding editorial shoot (with the help of top wedding vendors in the industry) which will help create beautiful portfolio content for your website to help you attractive your ideal client.

Julie Michaelsen
Mentor And Leader For The Day

Takes place at Luxury Holland Park
location.The style shoot includes;
• Ceremony set up
• Bridal Couple Shoot
• Stationery suites and flat lays
• Tablescape & stunning floral design

Attendees will get the opportunity to shoot all stations with help and advice on hand from myself.
You’ll leave the workshop with a beautiful set of portfolio images which you’ll be allowed feature on your website as long as you credit all suppliers fully.

Advice and guidance from Julie throughout
Access to a fully styled shoot in the form of a real wedding.
The result will be a set of beautiful portfolio images which you are able to use on social media, your website (as long as all vendors are credited!).
Attendees who sign up for the two day workshop will have access to giveaways and gifts from Workshop partners as well as exclusive access to a private Facebook group for continued support post-workshop.

Come and join us for a day of inspiration and practical advice by some of the industry’s leading ladies:

Invest in your business and get a significant headstart by booking both days of this exclusive Fine Art Workshop:

Split the cost of your ticket into two installments of:

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Julie left a high flying career in Finance to start her wedding photography business in 2013. Her unique experience in dealing with high net worth clients and institutions in the hedge fund world defines her client service and experience.Julie has studied under the tutelage of industry leaders such as Jose Villa and Greg Finck. Julie has had weddings and editorials published on all the big UK blogs, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Green wedding Shoes, 100 layer cake to name a few.

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Faye left a successful corporate career to follow a lifelong dream of becoming a photographer. She build her business from scratch and within a very short period of time was commissioned to shoot luxury weddings all over the world. She is now a very much in demand business coach helping wedding entrepreneurs to reach their goals, create their dream brand, attract their ideal clients and create a consistent and abundant monthly income. She brings a wealth of valuable experience and practical knowledge within fine art wedding photography and business.

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Helen has been planning and designing elegant and luxury weddings in the UK since 2014. More recently she has expanded her business to an international level and now offers a destination wedding planning service for clients marrying abroad. With a former career as a Solicitor, Helen has a wealth of transferrable skills, a meticulous attention to detail and a real creative flair for design. In 2018 Helen was voted UK Wedding Planner of the year by the Wedding Industry Awards, just one of the reasons we are thrilled to have Helen speak at the Nordic Way Workshop 2.0 about how wedding photographers can work with Wedding Planners to elevate client experience and grow their business.

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Maddy is affectionately known as the SEO Queen. Her mission is to help passionate creative women get more visible online and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortless attracting and booking the perfect clients. When she gets hold of your business, it's like a glitter bomb goes off. You can find her dancing on Instagram (link below!) or in her lively Facebook group So Exciting Obviously SEO For Creative Women

The Nordic Way Workshop - For Fine Art Wedding Photographers
Fine Art Film Photography
Is this for film photographers only?+
We do not restrict this to film photographers only, if you would like to shoot film or digital please feel free, there will be an introduction to medium format film.
What time will workshop start and finish on each day+
The workshop will start at 8.30am on day 1 and 10am on day 2. The schedule will finish at 7pm on day 1 and 9pm on day 2.
Where is the workshop held?+
Both days will be held at a beautiful and private luxury home in Holland Park in London. The nearest tube is Holland Park, please bear in mind that if you’re driving you’ll need to pay for on street parking.
Do I need to have experience in shooting film?+
No not at all the course caters for whichever medium you prefer, there will be an introduction to film photography.
Can I shoot digital?+
Yes absolutely!
Can I use the images?+
Yes, the purpose of the day 2 shoot is to help you get excellent fine art content. You are free to use the images you take on social media, your website but only if you fully and accurately credit all of the vendor team. The workshop team will be submitting the shoot to a wedding blog so you just have to wait 4 months until we have submitted it.
Am I good enough to come?+
The workshop will not cover how to use your camera so you need some experience in that area but if you are shooting weddings or about to start shooting this workshop is for you!
What kit should I bring?+
No kit is needed on day 1 but day 2 bring your main camera, a back up camera and whichever lenses you prefer to use, batteries and CF/SD cards.
Can I just come to day 2? +
I’m afraid only day 1 is available as a stand alone day, if you'd like access to day 2 you'll need to purchase the full ticket.
Can I split the cost of the workshop? +
Yes you can by opting to pay in two installments in a payment plan. You'll pay a £350 non-refundable deposit and the balance will be £545 due 1 month before the workshop.