The Nordic Way has been created to introduce photographers to the Fine Art Wedding Photography style, whether you’ve been shooting for 1 or 2 years or are brand new, this workshop will give you the inside knowledge of how to market yourself, valuable pricing strategies and how to find those Fine Art clients.

Being Danish, the concept of Hygge has been entrenched within my soul ever since I was born and it is this very special feeling of cosiness, scented candles, homemade baked goods and good company which I wanted to use as a base concept for a new workshop for Fine Art Wedding Photographers.

fine art wedding photography

I am constantly seeing other photographers produce the kind of work I want to create but don't know how…

Where are these fine art clients and how can I find them?!

SEO is such a maze and I have no idea where to start!

Pricing? I’m mostly guessing!

Book a discovery call with me FREE so we can learn more about each other and see if we are a good fit!

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Helen has been planning and designing elegant and luxury weddings in the UK since 2014. More recently she has expanded her business to an international level and now offers a destination wedding planning service for clients marrying abroad. With a former career as a Solicitor, Helen has a wealth of transferrable skills, a meticulous attention to detail and a real creative flair for design. In 2018 Helen was voted UK Wedding Planner of the year by the Wedding Industry Awards, just one of the reasons we are thrilled to have Helen speak at the Nordic Way Workshop 2.0 about how wedding photographers can work with Wedding Planners to elevate client experience and grow their business.

Fine Art Wedding Photogrphy Workshop London, The Nordic Way

Maddy is affectionately known as the SEO Queen. Her mission is to help passionate creative women get more visible online and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortless attracting and booking the perfect clients. When she gets hold of your business, it's like a glitter bomb goes off. You can find her dancing on Instagram (link below!) or in her lively Facebook group So Exciting Obviously SEO For Creative Women